Boat Rides

Watershed Boat Rides

The Watershed owns a 22 foot pontoon boat and gives rides to our customers. Join us after your meal for a relaxing tour around our beautiful neighborhood.

1. Rides are given on a first come, first serve basis.
2. The cost is $5/person. Free to children 5 yrs old and younger.
3. Capacity is between 9 and 11 guests or less than 1,600 pounds.
4. Our Boat is available for hourly rental and must be reserved in advance. $150/hr. A Watershed Captain must drive the boat at all times.
5. Boat Rides are around 15 to 20 minutes. There are two separate tours (East and West Loops)
6. Boat runs from Oct, 2nd through May 26th in 2018/2019
7. During Season, Boat Rides run on Tuesday through Friday 5pm to 8:30pm; Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 8pm.
8. Our liquor license does not extend to the lake, so alcohol is not allowed on the boat.
9. The Watershed reserves the right to discontinue rides due to weather, boat charging and demand.